Shanghai: A series of apartment blocks shaken by the screams every night

After a month under a strict blockade, people everywhere in Shanghai are almost desperate. In many residential areas, frenzied screams can be heard every night. Many videos posted by netizens show that people’s anger has reached the extreme.

The videoclips show thousands of people isolated inside different buildings. Some people write they feel they are living a nightmare.

According to the Chinese state media, only on April 26, there were 1,606 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 11,956 asymptomatic infections and 48 new deaths in Shanghai.

But the people of Shanghai no longer believe or pay attention to the officially released figures. Sound of Hope quoted comments from Chinese people on the national social media as saying, “What are the authorities doing? Deleting posts? Moderating comments? Reselling relief goods?”

A netizen commented: “Shanghai now allows people who come from other places to return to their hometown. Is this one of the reasons for the decrease in the number of cases?”

The videos posted by netizens show that the anger of Shanghai people has reached a boiling point. Every night, screams follow one another incessantly from the high-rise buildings, accompanied by the intense sound of pots and pans. It feels like the entire buildings are shaking.

Another video footage by a drone shows a high-end office building turned into a makeshift hospital, with more than 1,000 people quarantined inside. Each row of the folding beds looks like pigeon cages; this scene seems only to be seen in movies.

However, the pictures taken at the quarantine place look post apocalyptic: rows of beds are spaced less than a meter apart. It is reported that more than 100 people are crammed in an office with only four toilets without showers, making them unable to have a shower.

Foreigners are desperately seeking death in Shanghai

Since Shanghai was locked due to the epidemic, videos of foreigners living in Shanghai have leaked on social platforms. German affairs commentator Christoph Rehage said that only a small number of foreigners plan to stay in Shanghai and that he would not encourage any foreigners to go to China.

In particular, a video clip has shaken Twitter. A foreigner rushes out of a blockaded area in Shanghai and screams, “I want to die!” Then he is caught by epidemic prevention staff. The video went viral on Twitter on the night of April 27. 

The French Consulate in Shanghai has confirmed that the person shouting “I want to die!” is French. 

The person in the video is in despair and nearly collapsing. He spoke in Chinese, asking the epidemic prevention expert to help him commit suicide. He repeatedly expressed his intention to commit suicide in English, Chinese and France.

Finally, the French public radio service RFI (Radio France Internationale) contacted the French consulate in Shanghai to confirm whether the person was indeed a French citizen living in Shanghai. They confirmed that the man was indeed French. He is currently assisted by medical staff and is stable.

RFI wanted to know why he fell into such despair, whether it was for the lack of food or other basic staples. The French Consulate replied that the food supply of the French in Shanghai is guaranteed through a shopping service exclusive for foreigners, they face no shortage of food. As for the cause of his mental breakdown, it is currently unknown.

French polititian and member of the european Parliament Florian Philippot tweeted on April 27 that the French in China are driven to despair by the terror of authoritarianism in concentration camps. “It breaks my heart! Why doesn’t the French government say or do anything?!” he wrote.

A Twitter user with the name “Hao Ge” posted a video on April 24. A foreign woman in Shanghai was taken to a makeshift hospital, and she broadcasted it live, complaining that the makeshift hospital has lack of supplies and poor sanitation. She said the place is cramped and noisy, and not for people to stay. She has been in Shanghai for 11 years, but now she is very disappointed with Shanghai.

A Twitter user named “Wen Jun” posted a video on April 23 and wrote: Shanghai is under strict quarantine, Huixian is locked down, foreigners are screaming.

Twitter “Voice of Chinese in America” ​​posted a video on April 21: “Foreigners in Shanghai are angry with the CCP.” 

On April 20, a Westerner says he is experiencing what is living under a total communist blockade. He shared a full phone conversation with an interpreter who was telling him to go for a Covid test; but the clip was later removed from the Internet by the Chinese Communist Party.

Some foreigners also expressed sympathy for the people of Shanghai on social media. For example, Ukrainian senior defense specialist Maria Drutska, wrote on Twitter on April 23: “I would like to express my support to the people of Shanghai, who are struggling now in horrible conditions.”

German news commentator Christoph Rehage posted a video on Youtube on April 27 that said: Foreigners in Shanghai are running on the street shouting ‘I want to die’. What happened recently with the attitude of foreigners to China? he asks. 

Christoph mentioned that he read an investigative article the previous day: A survey of more than 900 expats in Shanghai found that 50% have decided to leave Shanghai, and 37% said they would consider leaving the city until the epidemic is over. Once the decision is made, only a small number of people plan to stay. “It’s really terrible!” he said.

At the end of the video, he said: “I would not encourage any foreigners to come to China… Others will sooner or later find out: China is a place without the rule of law, a place without democracy, a place where there is no free speech; by the time you find out it’s probably too late, so I don’t recommend anyone to come to China.”

The Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee issued an urgent order to ‘protect the capital’ against the Covid wave

Following the outbreak in China’s financial hub, the capital city is now also threatened by an epidemic outburst that could lead to its closure.

The Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Cai Qi ordered the urgent mobilization of the whole city to ensure the safety of the capital. City officials said that in the past 3 days, less than 100 cases of Covid have been recorded.

The current outbreak in Beijing involves multiple chains of transmission, and has spread to at least eight counties in just a few days. Then the control measures have gradually escalated. From April 25 and 26, Beijing began large-scale PCR testing for 11 counties.

Officials said the risk of the disease spreading silently in Beijing is very high. Cai Qi has chaired several meetings for epidemic prevention and control  and implemented prevention work in the past few days.

The Beijing Daily reported that Cai visited Chaoyang district, Beijing’s core district, where the disease is most severe, on April 25.

Chaoyang district was closed on April 24 and is divided into 14 wards (residents are not allowed to leave the house) and 14 wards (residents are not allowed to leave the apartment complex). They were asked to “not step foot out of the county”.

He also asked the command system for epidemic prevention and control at all levels to maintain operation 24/24, urban officials to cover the whole region and go to the front line to fight the epidemic.

Some netizens believe that the chaos in Shanghai has cast a dark shadow on the career of the Secretary of the Shanghai Party Committee Li Qiang, and Beijing’s counterpart Cai Qi is afraid of stepping on the wrong path, so he ordered strict control. This means that there is a high probability that Beijing will be under a tight blockade too.

Mr. Le (Li), a Beijing resident, told NTDTV: “The information is very fast now, faster than their (government) response, but we can predict that after 3, 4 or 5 In the next day, there will be changes. For example, not being able to go outside, or strict testing of code types, is possible.”

Beijing’s sudden escalation of control measures made people afraid of repeating the situation in Shanghai. There has been a “wave of food hoarding” in Beijing in recent days. On April 26, a shopping list at a supermarket with a total bill of up to 7,000 yuan went viral.

Currently, three first-tier cities, which are also China’s major political and economic centers, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, have all fallen. After Shanghai’s closure, Guangzhou also had an epidemic outbreak and is currently blockading and controlling some areas.

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