A deputy police chief has been dismissed following the brutal attack on women at a restaurant in Tangshan. Five other police officers are also under investigation, including the police chief. 

An official notice released on Tuesday, June 21, from Hebei’s discipline inspection and supervision stated that it “carried out in-depth investigations into untimely police dispatch, irregular law enforcement, and serious violations of discipline and law.”

The notice found that the deputy director of district police and other police officials handling of the case was “slow and improper.”

The atrocious attack on women happened on June 10 when surveillance footage showed a man approaching a woman in a restaurant and touching her back. She rejected him twice. 

The man reacted and then hit her brutally. He dragged her outside the restaurant and continued to beat her. 

A group of other men was seen entering the restaurant and beating her dining partners. They slapped, beat, and kicked the women even when they fell on the floor.

The case fuelled overheated discussions on China’s social media. Many called for the suspects to be severely punished. 

Under public pressure, nine people involved in the incident, including two women, were arrested. 

In the report, authorities claimed that two women were taken to the hospital after the incident and were in stable condition, while two others suffered minor injuries.  

The official notice also revealed that the suspected group ran away from the scene right after the beating, causing netizens to criticize the police for their slow response. 

The South China Morning Post reported that the local government launched a campaign against criminal gangs two days after this incident and urged residents to report any problems. 

After the announcement, hundreds of residents reportedly lined up in front of the Tangshan police bureau for hours to report their cases. 

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