On November 19, the number of new COVID-19 cases in Beijing continued to increase sharply. The authorities immediately tightened lockdown measures, restricting or even banning dining at restaurants. Many residential areas were locked down again and Chaoyang District, where the cases were most severe, advised people not to go out and limit social activities.

According to Beijing’s official website, from midnight on November 18 to 3 p.m. on November 19, there were 395 new cases in Beijing, including 339 people detected at quarantine locations and 56 people detected through testing: Of these, there were 29 confirmed cases and 366 asymptomatic cases.

The report said, Chaoyang District recommended residents “stay in one place” on weekends, rest at home, limit going out, do not leave the area unless absolutely necessary, do not gather, hold parties, visit, and perform nucleic acid testing.

Sound of Hope quoted an informed netizen who revealed that the pandemic situation in Chaoyang District was out of control: “A friend of mine in Beijing said that the medical system in Chaoyang District has collapsed, but the pandemic agency did not report the data because the superiors did not like it.”

According to reports, food service is currently suspended at many shopping malls in Beijing. The Chaoyang District in Beijing announced that restaurants are prohibited from serving and all entertainment venues are closed.

A local netizen told Sound of Hope, “My cell phone was ‘bombed’ in a day due to “temporarily not eating on the spot“; dinner service in Chaoyang has basically stopped and I heard that Haidian District has also stopped.

A video posted by a netizen shows that on the evening of November 19, many people in the village of Liulitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing, were taken to quarantine. 

Also on the evening of November 19, in Baxianzhuang village in Changping District, the pandemic was very serious, the government mobilized a large number of pandemic workers.

The government also mobilized a large number of pandemic workers to Baimiao village, Changping District, Beijing due to a serious outbreak on the evening of November 19.

Previously, on November 18, in Anhua Xili residential area, Chaoyang District, was suddenly locked down, making people feel helpless.

Several areas in Beijing have been designated as key pandemic zones.

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