The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has begun to expand large-scale cabin hospitals in many provinces and cities. Recently, a red-stamped document was issued by the CCP authority of Huilai District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, declaring that “the provincial Party Committee requires each district to have a quarantine zone.”

According to Xinhua News Agency, the CCP’s mouthpiece, on November 21, Sun Chunlan, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, went to Chongqing to inspect and direct the pandemic prevention and control work. As a result, he required the Chongqing authorities to “accelerate the construction of square cabin hospitals, quarantine rooms, optimize nucleic acid screening strategies to improve the efficiency of transferring, treating and isolating people infected with COVID and those people in close contact, daily achieving gradual stabilization, and soon controlling the virus.

On November 24, it was reported that after the CCP instructed to speed up the construction of cabin hospitals, many places in Guangdong rushed to build.

An “Urgent Grave Relocation Notice” issued by Shenquan Town, Huilai District, Guangdong Province, the authorities widely circulated online that “every district must build a cabin hospital” we will promote the construction project in the Huilai district. Therefore, the land will be acquired; the villagers are asked to relocate graves urgently. The notice issued on November 18 also required villagers to relocate the graves within two days of being notified.

This news sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with some criticizing that, “even ancestors are not spared” and “it’s impossible to finish relocating the graves in two days.”

On November 23, Zhang Yizai, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, said in an official press conference that 19 cabin hospitals had been activated in Guangzhou, and 28 third-class general hospitals have been designated to take over field hospitals in the form of “housing hospitals.” He added nearly 70,000 beds had been opened at the field hospital in Guangzhou to treat asymptomatic and mild COVID patients.

In addition to Guangdong province, popular online videos show that Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Sichuan, and other regions also rush to build quarantine zones day and night.

Audrie Pellegrino on November 24 posted a video and said: “On November 21, 2022, a quarantine zone is being built in Nansha district, Guangzhou! The CCP will build large, fortified prisons all over the country, not to hold prisoners but to detain people, which is worse than Nazi Germany.”

Twitter user “Storm troopers” posted a video and said: “The cabin hospital in Guangan, Sichuan. Judging by this scale, it’s no different from the concentration camps in Xinjiang.”

An account called “Jiang Guangyu” posted a video and said: “The largest complex in Asia, Zhengzhou field hospital with tens of thousands of beds, is under construction day and night. This is the blessing of the Henan people! Come and experience what prison life is like! Good luck!” The account “View of the world” said: “The field hospital in Chongqing, built on a steep slope, is really magnificent.”

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