As China maintains its ‘zero COVID’ policy for handling outbreaks, it has continuously put several areas or cities under lockdown. This has caused a significant impact on people’s livelihood as well as China’s economy.

Hao Lei is a 43-year-old well-known Chinese actress. She once won a Golden Horse Award winner for 2010 Best Supporting Actress. The actress’s recent post on WeChat Moments on June 24 expressed her thoughts about the tragic situation she witnessed following Beijing’s lockdown ease.

According to the alleged screenshot of Hao Lei’s post, she described three scenes she saw when she was eating at a food stall somewhere in Beijing. 

She wrote,  

“I met three groups of people at the food stall downstairs, two fat guys packed the rest of the food on the table next to them with a plastic bag, and a lady picked up an empty water bottle that the stall owner hadn’t moved out. A thin man in his 60s walked the street a few times with a backpack. He looked at the only pitcher of water left on the table next to him, poured it into his glass, and then sat at an empty table with an empty disposable food container in front of him. What was he waiting for? The empty lunch box was like his empty eyes, full of hopelessness….”

She added, “I have lived here for more than ten years, ate countless meals on this street, but have never seen such a dreary scene. If such cases happen in Beijing, a prosperous capital. How can other places survive?”

The article was reposted on Weibo, which sparked heated discussions on Chinese social media.

Many netizens said Hao Lei was a kind-hearted actress and expressed concerns about her safety when telling the truth.

One said, “It’s probably the last time I hear the name of this actress.”

Another wrote, “Don’t share it; protect her.”

Another said the situation was really hard for people, and if it continued like this, people would die of starvation.

The COVID surge has brought China’s capital to a standstill. It both affects people’s livelihood and Beijing’s economy.

According to Bloomberg, Beijing’s economy suffered in May as it battled Covid outbreaks.

According to data from the municipal statistics bureau, retail sales in the city decreased by around 26% in May compared to the same month last year. Moreover, the capital city’s industrial production fell by about 40% in May.

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