The new wave of the Covid outbreak in Beijing lasted for a month. China’s capital now has continuously upgraded its containment measures.

In a latest response to the epidemic, Beijing has decided to close its fifth district. It ordered five districts to implement home office.

These districts are Chaoyang, Fangshan, Shunyi, Fengtai, and Haidian. About tens of millions of people have been affected by the containment measures there.

Haidian is the latest district that has upgraded the level of Covid management and control measures.

According to Apollo News, Haidian authorities announced that the whole district will work from home and the community will be closed for a week.

These five administrative districts have been carrying out home office work, involving more than 10 million people. It is almost half of Beijing’s population.

At the same time, Beijing has also suspended indoor-operating businesses on a large scale. The most affected district is Chaoyang, a prosperous commercial area.

According to China’s health news website, a subsidiary of People’s Daily, Beijing’s Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention held a press conference on May 22. The center’s deputy director Liu Xiaofeng said that Beijing recorded nearly 1,500 new infections from April 22 to May 22, involving 15 districts.

There are 11 high-risk areas and 25 medium-risk areas in the city.

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