The Beijing government is showing signs of Covid lockdown despite their denial. A number of communities in the China capital express their dissatisfaction.

A video from U.S.-based media shows that China’s zero-Covid policy is forcing many people in Beijing to fear being trapped indoors.

The footage features many cars lining up in a street along with medical personnel wearing protective clothing. A person disclosed in the footage that those buses have assembled at the Lingjing Hutong community. They’re waiting to transfer the residents to quarantine camps. The Lingjing Hutong area has been totally closed.

A video shows another community called Meijingdongfang in Chaoyang District. There are no positive cases of Covid there, but it is blocked. The residents are not allowed to leave the community.

A person, perhaps the leader, asks if that community is all negative to Covid. The crowd replies, “Yes!” When the so-called leader questions who is bearing the legal responsibility for the lockdown. The crowd replied, “Well said!”

Beijing regulators are also strengthening the restrictions with another method. A video shows residents in a community questioning a construction worker.
The resident asked who told him to install the power grids. He asked if this was a prison. The worker replied that it was for the resident’s sake.

When the resident asked why barbed wires were added to the gate of their community, the construction worker answered that it was from the Communist Party.

So far, the Beijing government has not officially announced any lockdown measures. However, there are speculations that Beijing authorities would choose to implement the lockdown policy for some days.

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