The Chinese Communist Party just issued 20 measures to optimize pandemic restrictions. And then Beijing canceled mass COVID testing. However, the COVID-19 virus continues to attack, making it difficult for people to find places to take nucleic acid tests. Many pandemic workers were infected and all had to quarantine. Many students and university staff in Beijing are infected. Beijing may be facing a large outbreak.

A video posted on Twitter shows that on November 16, more than a hundred pandemic workers in Shijiazhuang Street, Chaoyang District, where the virus hit very severely, has been infected, and is under strict quarantine measures.

Schools such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, North China Electric Power University, University of International Trade, and many other universities have also reported infection cases. 

On November 16, an infection was detected at Beijing University, and every student and all staff had to take a nucleic acid test.

On November 15, a retired employee of Tsinghua University was diagnosed with the infection and the associated communities, hospitals, and markets were closed.

Also on November 15, the University of International Economics and Business also detected an infection and the school was immediately closed, all offline teaching activities were canceled and all gatherings were prohibited.

Students of colleges and universities in Beijing are worried about the sudden resurgence of the pandemic., many spoke up and Sound Of Hope had the Chinese students thoughts.  

The general consensus is that Beijing University is the most famous university and yet even though they do testing every day teachers are allowed to leave so of course there will be cross-infection risks. The students want to be able to go home and be safe. They want to know since the virus is spreading through the schools why can’t they be sent home.

One student suggested,” Please quickly allow the students by batches to go home to reduce the flow of people, and at the same time, mitigate their psychological pressure due to long absences from school.”

A video posted by Twitter account @tw_Tomy7 on November 16 shows that most of the free nucleic acid testing sites in Beijing have been canceled and locals can only go to hospital nucleic acid testing sites, leading to very long lines.

Twitter account Wenxingwu posted a video saying: “Residents in Beijing had to wait two hours for a nucleic acid test. Does Beijing have no money to do nucleic acid testing for all residents? Meanwhile, a PCR certificate is still required to take the subway or enter shopping malls. Isn’t it true that the government forces residents to pay for the test themselves?”

Netizens said that many places continue to require nucleic acid certification.

Netizens have shared their thoughts regarding Beijing’s pandemic measures, quoted by Sound Of Hope.

One wrote, “What a rubbish method. Wherever you go, you will be required to show a certificate of PCR results within 24 hours. However, all testing sites will close by 6:30 pm while you have to wait for an hour to get nucleic acid results. In order to avoid infecting others, why not take medicine for three days like treating a common cold. Why does the government insist on causing financial loss for their people? I can’t go anywhere tomorrow!”

“The nucleic acid testing counter in Chaoyang, Beijing, which was suspended for two days has reopened because it requires a 24-hour nucleic acid certificate and there are too many people cursing on the street.”

And so the virus continues to spread and life in Beijing continues to a guessing game.

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