Chinese state-controlled outlet CCTV recently posted an American story where a family in Indiana borrowed money to buy gasoline. However, this media immediately deleted the news because Chinese netizens caught its lies.

According to CCTV reports, a 15-year-old Indiana girl was diagnosed with bone cancer. Her parents had to drive more than an hour to get her to the hospital for surgery.

The broadcaster added that gasoline prices in the U.S have soared from $3 to more than $5 per gallon. Every week, the family spends an extra $200 on refueling the car and has to borrow from non-standard lenders with a high-interest rates to get their child to the hospital.

In addition, it also showed the increasing cost of housing in the U.S and the soaring price of food. CCTV issued an American named Gloria Knight complained, “I went to the market to buy something a few days ago, and I cried because the price was too high. I can’t afford what I want to buy.”

Many state media spread the news, but netizens found it inaccurate.

A netizen named “Guanxin de Tai duo” made a quick calculation. He said the oil price rose from $3 to $5 per gallon, which equals an increase of 2. They spend an extra $200 a week on fuel, which means they use at least 100 gallons of oil per week. One gallon equals 3.785 liters, and 100 km costs 10 liters. In conclusion, they need to drive 3785 km per week.

This netizen questions CCTV, “Whether this family went to see a doctor or rented a taxi. Even if it’s a taxi, it doesn’t cost that much.”

Another netizen asks, “This low-income family owns a car and takes a usury loan to buy gas instead of paying high medical bills. CCTV knew it couldn’t fool people by saying that Americans couldn’t afford medical bills. Hence, it began making up stories about gasoline to flatter the Chinese sense of well-being.”

Someone mocked, “A gallon of gasoline is $5, equivalent to 8.9 yuan/liter. Fortunately, you don’t need money for road tolls, or it will be even worse. It seems that CCTV cares more about Americans than Chinese.”

Another said: “The cancer girl’s family took out a usury loan to buy gas. What’s the interest rate? Are there any loan sharks in the U.S. with an annual interest rate of more than 30% or 50% for trickle loans? Will they harass their relatives and friends, illegally obtain their personal information, locate and track them, threaten their personal safety, rob their family assets, and commit all kinds of crimes?”

At present, because of the unexpected results, CCTV has deleted the original report.

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