Recently, it was reported that Huihui (pseudonym), a 22-year-old girl working in Hangzhou, died suddenly after working night shifts for several consecutive days in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of a hospital, making netizens deeply concerned, according to Jimu News.

On July 29, the Human Resources Department of the Social Insurance Division of Binjiang District, Hangzhou, issued a notice stating that the girl’s daily work schedule did not exceed the limit according to the law, but there are irregularities in employment management. In this regard, Huihui’s cousin said that her company visited the family on July 29 but the two sides are still negotiating.

Huihui’s remains are in her hometown in Jiangxi awaiting cremation, and her cause of death may be myocarditis leading to her sudden death caused by the constant night shifts.

Huihui’s father posted on Weibo: “My child finally left me and my wife helpless on July 26, 2022. Thanks to everyone who has helped during this time. Hope all benefactors who have children will love your health, even if working hard, you should take good care of yourself. Thank you everyone, I hope everyone is safe and sound.”

After that, the topic “#a 22-year-old girl suddenly died due to working overtime for several nights” on Weibo gained more than 20 million views. Many netizens expressed sympathy for Huihui’s plight and outrage at China’s bizarre overtime work culture.

And last year, the 996 work culture phenomenon in Chinese tech companies became a hot topic.

The 996 work culture gets its name from employees typically working from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week; for a total of 72 hours. According to the South China Morning Post, Alibaba founder Jack Ma defended the 996 schedule as “a big stroke of luck” as these companies claim to offer workers an opportunity that many would envy. The CEO of Qihoo 360 suggested that the solution is simply to make employees shareholders in the company: “Make them feel like they’re working for themselves. Then they won’t bother with the 996 schedule anymore.”

The problem is made even worse by poor labor regulations in China. The CCP does not allow independent labor unions. It controls the Trade Union Confederations all over China, which are often ineffective in protecting workers.

It is said that Huihui worked overtime to quickly pay off family loans, but unfortunately died. In today’s mainland society, there are more and more reports of young people suddenly dying from working overtime, which shows the increasing pressure of life.

However, the official video account from China Central Television (CCTV) for following hot topics is teaching netizens “how to reduce the harmful effects of staying up late through diet,” and also sharing some knowledge of diet therapy. But the video producers seemed to forget that this tragedy was due to being forced to work overtime. The post also included the hashtag “22-year-old girl suddenly died due to working overtime for several nights.”

After the incident, many netizens strongly objected to some related content, criticizing this as a “hell joke.”

This move by CCTV officials shows the CCP’s indifference, treating human life like garbage.

CCTV deleted the controversial Weibo post.

China News quoted some Chinese netizens:

User Xitou Gugu said: “Oh my god, what is this joke, strangling people and telling them to take drugs?”

Xue Sui wrote: “The implication is that your sudden death is due to not eating right.”

User with account qq801109 said: “Isn’t the answer not to stay up late? What the hell is this?”

Another said: “Officials don’t care if you work overtime or not, overtime is better. Don’t say these videos are food for the soul, they are filled with poison.”

User lw9394 said: “The butcher does not feel pain teaching the pigs what to do if they are slaughtered.”

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