Recently, social networks in China stirred up discussion and expressed anger regarding the case of a 20-year-old girl who called the 120 emergency service but did not receive timely assistance. 

According to Vision Times, the incident happened on the morning of May 17. Peng Xinjun, a third-year student at Henan University, was in the dormitory when she began to feel unwell. She called Zhengzhou 120 Emergency Center at 10:27. But the 120 did not immediately send help, and their attitude was not friendly.

Peng Xinjun’s father recounted on Weibo that a roommate eventually found his daughter unconscious and in a deep coma after returning to the dormitory. The roommate called the emergency again.

The emergency center delayed any help by nearly two and a half hours. When Peng arrived at the hospital, she was no longer breathing, and her pupils were dilated. She was placed on a ventilator and was in a coma for 14 days. She passed away on May 30. Peng had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

Peng Xinjun’s father wrote that Peng was so young, and her life had just begun. Because she has missed precious treatment time, her life ended tragically.

According to the recording in 8 minutes of the call, Peng Xinjun was breathing heavily due to physical discomfort and spoke in a weak voice. 

The operator asked her if she wanted an ambulance? Peng Xinjun gave a “hmm” and said, “Henan University.” The operator asked her, “Where is Henan University?” Peng Xinjun replied “Zhengzhou” and then told her the address “Henan University Zhengzhou Campus” again. At this time, Peng Xinjun’s labored breathing showed that she was already very uncomfortable.

But the operator asked her which way is the Zhengzhou campus of Henan University? At this time, Peng Xinjun replied, “Minglun campus, my head hurts, Minglun, Zhengzhou.” 

After that, the operator confirmed the location with Peng Xinjun many times and asked her to confirm the location with her roommate. Peng Xinjun said that she had no roommate beside her. Peng Xinjun tried his best to emphasize “Zhengzhou, Henan University! My head hurts!”

The operator asked Peng Xinjun to check the location of WeChat because he did not know where the Minglun campus of Henan University was. In the second half of the recording, Peng Xinjun had difficulty speaking, was difficult to answer the operator’s questions directly, and was crying.

The operator told Peng Xinjun, “I can’t help you like this. You have to clarify your location before I can help you and let the ambulance pass by.”

After that, Peng Xinjun seemed to lose consciousness and did not respond to the operator. The operator said, “These are all college students, and they are all in their twenties. I think you are fine.”

According to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan, it attracted public attention after the media reported the Zhengzhou 120 delayed treatment incident. It quickly entered the hot search list on Weibo. Zhengzhou city officials issued a notice on June 3 that they had been investigating the matter.

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