Only 100 meters from the student dormitory to the teaching building, a 15-year-old student from a high school in Shangrao city, Jiangxi province, has mysteriously disappeared on campus. The family has searched for more than 30 days, but no trace of the boy has been found.

According to a recent report by NetEase, Hu Xinyu, a final-year student at Zhiyuan High School in Yanshan District, ShangRao city, went missing on his way from his dormitory to the teaching building for evening self-study on October 14.

According to the school’s camera, the last time Hu Xinyu could be seen outside the dormitory building was around 5:50 p.m. that day, and he was not seen after that.

According to the report,  Zhiyuan High School in the Yanshan district was locked down, and ordinary students could not go in and out of the school at will. The dormitory is less than 110 yards (100 meters) from the teaching building, but there is a road more than 11 yards away without cameras. Next to this road is a small hillside surrounded by walls.

When Hu Xinyu went missing, his ID card, phone, watch, and cash were in the dormitory, and he only took a recorder with him.

Missing person notices were posted all over the neighboring villages and towns. Teachers, students, and the school’s rescue team joined the search. Searches were carried out in school hillsides, teaching buildings, and school walls, including all rooms, swimming pools, roofs, attics, and septic tanks. Even the water was drained from the artificial lake in the school. Still, Hu Xinyu could not be found. 

Li Benfeng, Ho Xinyu’s uncle, told The Paper: “We feel very strange. The Public Security Bureau has used all the advanced technologies such as facial recognition; still, no clues can be found.”

He said this case is currently preliminarily identified as Hu Xinyu actively missing. “Rescuers said six cars left the school gates that night; we hope there will be more social forces joining the search from the passive missing perspective.”

Li Benfeng shared that Ho Xinyu’s father, Hu Yueliang, worked as a porter in a luggage factory, while his mother worked as a nanny. His mother is now in a dreadful mental state. She was at home all day in tears, hoping her son would return soon.

Seven people in Hu Xinyu’s dormitory room and many classmates said that Hu Xinyu did not show any unusual signs before going missing.

Hu Dongwang, the school’s vice principal, said that the places where you can climb over the wall were covered with moss, and no marks were detected. No trace could be found around the fences outside the school either. The search and rescue operation at the school is still ongoing.

Hundreds of university students in Wuhan mysteriously disappear

In the early years, the media reported on the mysterious disappearance of many university students in Wuhan after the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan in 2020. On average, a university student or a young man of the same age goes missing every three months.

On February 17 of the same year, the list of older children missing in Wuhan provided by parents to The Epoch Times showed that, according to incomplete statistics, the number of children missing in recent years was 372. Sadly that is just from a small area of the country.

The parents of missing children spent a lot of effort, including writing a letter of commitment to pay a reward of over $14,000 (100,000 yuan) to anyone who can help them find their child.

Parents are calling on the local police department to set up a task force to use facial recognition and other systems to search for missing children. They hope missing person cases can be resolved within a shorter lead time to prevent similar tragedies from happening to other families.

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