The Central News Agency reported on September 15 that a survey in China shows that graduates find it difficult to find a job, even with a low salary.

The human resources service provider “MileagePlus” surveyed fresh and current college students to understand their job hunting intentions, careers, and directions, considering how the COVID pandemic is affecting employment.

The survey results uncover the problem of low salaries. Nearly 64% of graduates expect a monthly salary of about $700 to $1.100 (5,000 to 8,000 yuan). But only 30% of graduates who are actually working have reached this range. The real situation is that over 60% have an actual monthly salary of about $700 (5,000 yuan).

In addition, the expected salary for undergraduates of major universities is between $1,100-1,400, but only 43% of the real salaries reach those amounts. 

Due to low salaries, almost 30% of junior college students pursue further education.

 , said that most skilled students enter factories after graduation and engage in repetitive operational work.

He added that if there is no attractive promotion channel or growth platform, the salary will not likely attract skilled talents.

According to Bloomberg, youth unemployment continues to be close to 20% and represents a concern for authorities. On September 16, China’s National Bureau of Statistics said the unemployment rate for those aged 18-24 in August stood at 18.7%.

Competition and rivalry are leading in the working environment of state agencies. While the private work environment faced frenzied layoffs.

Employers squeezed labor costs, but in the end, businesses can’t laugh in this market time.

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