China’s army: missiles launched near Taiwan accurately hit the targets

China-Taiwan tensions escalated after the visit to Taiwan of U.S. House Speaker Pelosi Nancy on August 2.

After Pelosi left Taiwan on Wednesday, August 3, live-fire exercises were drilled in the eastern part of the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, August 4.

Videos on the internet show the live-fire exercises held in Pingtan County, Fujian, the region closest to Taiwan. Many military vehicles of the Chinese Communist Party appeared on the streets of Pingtan County, while many helicopters were flying around in the sky.

Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson for the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said on Thursday that the combat units of the rocket force conducted a multi-zone fire assault drill in the predetermined sea areas on the afternoon of August 4. All missiles accurately hit the targets. He also stated that the live-fire launching training was carried out successfully.

Four missiles flew over Taipei; Japan demands a halt to China’s military exercises

In response to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China kicked off military exercises involving the navy, air force, and other military forces surrounding Taiwan on Thursday, August 4.

Taiwan media outlet Liberty Times Net reported that the Japanese Ministry of Defense confirmed that the China People’s Liberation Army launched several ballistic missiles on Thursday afternoon.

Five of the missiles fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and four of them passed over the main island of Taiwan. A missile trajectory line directly passed through Taipei. The Japanese side released the trajectory map to show it.

Japan has strongly protested and demanded that Beijing immediately stop military exercises. However, Hua Chunying, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, alleged that China and Japan have not yet delineated boundaries in the relevant maritime areas. China does not accept Japan’s exclusive economic zone claim.

China’s military exercises affected 300 international flights

Taiwan’s Ministry of Communications said 300 international flights are affected daily due to China’s military exercises.

According to the Central News Agency (CNA), Taiwan’s Transportation Minister Wang Guocai said on Wednesday, August 5, that all 18 international routes in the area are affected. Taiwan also discussed with Japan and the Philippines to reroute international flight routes.

The Taipei FIR is the only place to go from Northeast to Southeast Asia. But the military exercises make it necessary for international flights to take a detour when passing through Taiwan.

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