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Betty White’s beloved soulmate

Inspired Stories 01/03/22, 21:59

Even though her husband Allen Ludden has been deceased for many years, actress Betty White kissed a portrait of him next to her bed every day. Betty White, the iconic actress, passed away just a few days before her 100th birthday on Dec. 31. Many colleagues and fans remember the actress ...

Man gets morning wild-cat cuddle from a rescued cub

Inspired Stories 12/16/21, 22:01

Many people prefer to start their day with a hug, but few do it with a fully grown lion. Sirga, the nine-year-old lioness, sees a father figure in conservationist Valentin Gruener. Almost ten years later, the guy and the big cat had formed an inseparable relationship. Moreover, Valentin Gruener claims that Sirga's ...